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Quickstart: Mail List Pro - $6.99

Instantly create mail labels with this software. Storing up to 32,000 names, the built-in Quickstart Database makes it easy to enter names by hand or by importing from another program. Quickly find the names you want, arrange them and print mailing labels using the label designer. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac

imPower Themes for WordPress order now

Wordpress made easier - imPower 
What imPower has provided here is a really kick-butt product. And the price is unbeatable. For that price, basically a decent lunch, I get a killer theme that is seamless to install and optimize (really - from buying and mapping a cutom domain, to installing WP and adding content was 15 minutes - Less than 10% of the time to begin customization on most other themes - and prettier than most).

And that's for a world-renown client - a keynote speaker and NY Times bestselling author. He's happy. I'm happy. And I have 2 more immediate clients we're deploying these themes to drive their book sales. Feel free to use my comments antime, anywhere.